Our fleet

  • Car rental with private driver in Marseille and the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region
  • Save yourself from organisational worry and save your time by renting a private driver car in Marseille with Massilia Driver Provence. According to your most demanding expectations, our team will listen you and will provide at all your needs. For a trip in Marseille with a private driver car, perfectly pleasant, safe and private, choose Massilia Driver Provence !
  • Our confortable air-conditionad car-s fleet will satisfy all your needs. In this way, we offer you a sedan or MPV car in Marseille with a private driver. All this to ease your travels wether profesional or private.
  • So than you can find us very quickly and easily, we offer a personalized welcome with a placard at railway stations, airports or seaports.
  • To optimize all your trips in Marseille and in Provence, our company Massilia Driver Provence provides everything. So that you can free your mind from any organisational pressure.
  • Our specialized company in car renting in Marseille, notably puts at your disposal its private driver. So, for your trips, demand the Massilia Driver Provence’s professionalism.
Our latest generation, air-conditioned and comfortable car fleet will satisfy all your needs.

Our drivers

Serious, professional, discreet and of course polite, our driver are also perfectly bilingual. Our priority, to make of your trip, moment of pleasure and relaxation. Let’s our driver drive you through Marseille and suburb cities, streets. We propose you our best services, our experience provides us.
Massilia Driver Provence, it’s also a panel of prestations to ease your life at every moment. We especially propose our services to insurance companies in order to ensure medical aid or repatriation. We can also take in charge group travels in Marseille as well as travels for seminars, concerts, congress, meetings or tourism.
For our most demanding customers, we provide a VIP transport offer with enirely personalized services.

Massilia Driver Provence, business car rental with driver in Marseille and its region, its 7 day a week and 24 hours a day disponibility.

Whatever your demands are, we provide you perfectly reliable and high-qualified service. Each demand is subject to a personalized cost estimation.


Massilia Driver Provence, our drivers are trained to international security regulations

How do we describe a Security Driver?

  • He is trained to drive important people and to respect safety rules and to protect people that are under his/her responsability.
  • Driver knows how to drive when there are many cars, following cars, driving faster when needed, being defensive or offensive depending on the context and the degree of dangerousness and knows how to react in case of emergency.
  • The driver knows the latest technology in term of safety and how to detect suspiscious behavior or use of micros, trackers, automotive piracy system.
  • Security Driver must know how to use his vehicle as a weapon or a shield to prevent an assault and possess the necessary automatisms that will allow him to use his vehicle in the best way.

What is our mission? How can we protect VIP? How can we offer them the best security?

The main mission for a ”Security Driver” is:

  • To protect people that he is in charge of in the vehicle and around during the all trip
  • Being sure that the people in the car are always safe (either the car is moving or not).
  • The safe driver must know how to measure and anticipate the different risks, potential threats, in order to react very efficiently and very quickly to assure to his clients the best conditions ever.
  • The Security Driver has to be an expert in surveillance detection, he has to identify any vehicle that would follow, spy or be a trouble for people who he is charge of.
  • The Security Driver has all the assents in his hands in order to proect his VIP and ensures his own protection.
  • Massilia Driver Provence has very trained drivers that can protect and offer the best service to your VIP.